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Welcome to the Virtual Office of Apartment Dynamics, specializing in improving the value of multifamily real estate. Our clients benefit from collaborative expertise in revenue enhancement, strategic planning, and unique purchasing skills gleaned from Fortune 500 companies.

Apartment Dynamics excels in managing apartments to maximize value, giving innovative training programs, and providing creative yet practical solutions for underperforming assets and assets under development.

Building Value Through Property Management,
Dynamic Training, and Marketing Solutions.

We manage apartment communities, train and develop our clients' human resources, and provide innovative marketing and operations solutions for Multifamily Owners and Managers all over the country.

Apartment Dynamics brings over 40 years of diverse industry experience to our clients in the areas of property management, consulting, marketing services and training.

Below is a sampling of courses currently available for us to provide to your management team:

You Had Me at Hello! Winning the Prospect from the First Impression

Trust is built on first impressions, but it's hard to recover if you have a misstep. Hear how to insure the best first impression every time!

This session is a must, since "you never get a second chance to make a first impression!"

Fabulous, Fanatical Follow Up!

Why is follow up so hard? Join us to learn tips, tools and techniques for Fabulous, Fanatical Follow up! This fast paced session will cover what our Leasing Teams should do, and think they do, but don't really do! Since 80% of sales are made after the 5th follow-up, lack of well-timed and thought-out repeat contacts results in wasted marketing dollars, as leads "die on the vine." Hear why, how and how much to follow up in an exciting, innovative way in order to achieve the most for your marketing investment. Learn the 3 C's of follow up with abundant ready-to-use tools! We will shock you with scary e-lead stats, share tips to control over-zealous spam filters, best practices with mobile, text, tech and even snail mail follow-up, and how to make frenetic phone follow up work! See how to make your team crazy about follow up!

Press the Easy Button!

Creating a Culture of Customer Service that's Easy-Breezy and Achieves Your Goals From policies to procedures to practice, why does everything have to be so hard? Attend this session to improve customer interaction, reduce frustration, and enjoy a laugh or two. Packed with tips and tools, you'll leave with what you need to make life smoother for your team, your customer, and ultimately yourself, while achieving the business' goals. The interactive component of the class lets attendees build solutions to everyday problems that hurt their productivity. Attendees will learn to:

Etiquette for Apartment Professionals

In case you didn't know it, manners didn't go out of style with the new century. In fact, the importance of minding your manners has extended into whole new territories including texting, the new considerations of telephoning (now that nearly everyone is accessible by cell practically 24/7), email, social networking, office politics, and MORE! And, if you don't know the new rules, you may be judged in ways you haven't even considered, and miss out on opportunities you didn't even realize! Join "Ms. Mary Manners" for this fun and highly interactive session that will update and polish your Social Business Skills. No matter what your role or level of responsibility, this session is a MUST to make your manners and professional experience truly shine!

Resident Retention - The 2nd Moment of Truth

With turnover rates inching up around the country, it's time to capitalize on the all-important 2nd Moment Of Truth! This powerful session is packed with creative ideas to turn your teams from "Leasing Mode" to "Retention Crazy!" By creating a culture of keeping leasing promises you will position your assets to be the Residence OF Choice for the increasing population of renters BY choice. The result: residents stay longer, pay more, post good ratings, and refer more often. Leave with insights to retain residents AND bump rents, maximizing resident encounters, and benchmarks to insure your program's success.

Creative and Successful Ways to Increase Referrals

Today, more than ever, people talk ? they SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, they chat on their phones and face to face, and more. If you're not giving them great things to say about YOU, then you're missing out on one of the most valuable marketing opportunities around. Statistics say that approximately 70% of potential residents who have been referred and end up visiting our communities, actually lease! Join us for a fast-paced presentation of proven and creative strategies for boosting resident referrals, getting your residents talking and driving their friends and associates to your community! Start taking full advantage of the most powerful low to no-cost way to market your community today!

Marketing in Small Towns and Suburbs

What does marketing apartments in a small town or suburban location have in common with big city marketing? Nothing and everything! Join us for a fast-paced and highly interactive session that will equip you with the ideas and energy to market your community for best results! In this session you will identify the unique marketing challenges suburban and small town properties face, learn what makes a prospect want to live "off the grid" and how to appeal to the emotions that draw renters to the "burbs," and position your small town assets to a true differentiated product niche and learn how to sell them! Distinguish the trends in "Big City" marketing that apply to small towns, and the cool internet tools that help you get away from "best kept secret," "country living," and the "same old" treasure map mindset! Walk away with unique themes which will serve as a catalyst for your own marketing programs and shift the momentum from random to strategic so your energy and focus attract the residents who will pay more for the lifestyle you offer! Whatever size town your community is in, this session will excite and inspire great marketing results!

WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL? Managing the Concession Obsession

Is this one of the first questions the prospect asks? WHAT'S YOUR ANSWER? Just say NO to concessions! Consumers are conditioned to look for "deals" in every aspect of life. They can go online and get discounted airline tickets, vacation rentals, hotel deals ? you name it. From grocery store coupons to free cell minutes to the old "buy one get one," the consumer rules! This course teaches participants the cost of concessions and how to lease without them. Instead of falling into the trap of giving free rent to "stay competitive," make sure you and your team have all the techniques you need to assure you are maximizing your revenue. After all, free rent is anything but cheap!

Worth the Wait!

Pssst Pssst - We've got a secret. If you keep a minimum of 10% of your total unit count in Waitlist applicants then you'll never be vacant! Join us for a session jam-packed with great information on the "how to" of Waitlist Marketing. You'll learn how to advertise your waitlist, cool slogans to name your campaign, and the nuts and bolts procedures that will make it all work!

Apartment Life - The Next Reality Show!

Reality shows have nothing on the apartment industry! Join us as we share what really happens "behind closed doors" in apartment communities, and the everyday heroes who clean up the messes left behind. Come prepared with your own best apartment story, and see and hear tales of the troubles and truths behind creating "Home, Sweet Home" in the apartment communities we manage! Meet unsung heroes of our industry, people who make the world a better place for someone to live, who share their joys and sorrows, fix their problems, and have the opportunity to make someone's day EVERY day! That's YOU!

Closing from A to Z!

Learn the ABC's of Closing, as in Always Be Closing! Attend this fast-paced session and learn to close each prospect at least 3 times per visit. Discover tips and tools of the trade to perform as an excellent salesperson while building rapport and gaining trust from your prospect. But what if they say NO!?@?! We will answer that for you too! Join us and learn MORE than 10 closing techniques that will make you stand out as THE CLOSER!

High Performance Leasing

Get ready for an action packed leasing course that will help you to either learn or enhance your leasing techniques to become the most amazing Leasing PRO! First, we are in a MONEY business! Learn how your phone skills, follow up skills and sales skills will impact the bottom line! Discover latest leasing techniques and how to maximize the internet, email, apps and more! You'll walk away from this session energized and fanatical about your job!

Sticks and Stones: Keys to Improving Customer Contacts

You know the old saying "Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" This session will show you how to take that nursery rhyme and turn-around potentially damaging and negative interactions with disgruntled customers. Learn the verbal and non-verbal triggers that can escalate a situation, and even better, the ones that diffuse it! This session teaches you how to take the high road, give grace, listen and show respect regardless of how your customer behaves. Learn how to manage behaviors and conduct yourself in the toughest spots?and make your life a whole lot easier!

It's Cheaper to Keep Her!

To renew or not to renew?! That's the question, and we will help you be more secure of the answer! It's Cheaper to Keep Her! Learn the basics on how to convince your residents to renew, what to offer as renewal incentives and gifts and how to keep them happy year round. The renewal process starts on Day 1 and you will leave with tips, tools and techniques that set the stage from the first opportunity! You'll leave this dynamic session with tips and tools on how to take the industry's typical turnover rate of 60% and reduce it at your site!

The Dynamics of Property Management

Earn 4 hours of Continuing Education CEs for the North Carolina Real Estate Commission! This course focuses on basic principles of Property Management, as well as laws and techniques that will make you a more successful Property Manager. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or considering branching into Property Management, this class will assure that you know how to serve your clients skillfully. Upon completion you will have an increased awareness of many of the dynamics of managing residential investment real estate, and the latest regulations governing your operation. This course will help you reduce your risk and improve your clients' return on investment by learning and refreshing on basic industry tools and strategies that improve the return and value of the properties you manage.

Due Diligence to get the Deal

With so many potential opportunities for purchase and soaring apartment prices, it's easy to get caught up in the furor and miss critical factors that impact underwriting and future operations. This session focuses on the "must have" information, the validation process, underwriting the deal, and how to spot risk factors. Walk away with best practices, and the steps required to accomplish them. Balancing individual buyer's selection criteria, learn how to determine "when to hold ?em and when to fold ?em" on the deals that cross your desk!

Winning Webinars - Making Your Web Meetings Wildly Successful

Be as good as the next TED (Talk)! Web conferencing, meetings and online training are an increasing part of our Toolboxes. The question is not SHOULD we use web conferencing as a training and communication tool, but HOW can we make the virtual meetings most effective? In this fast-paced, factual and interactive session, our trainers will help your use of webinars and web meetings go from wearisome to wildly successful! Join us for incredible tips and techniques for making your web conferencing exceed your goals.

Learn incredible tips and techniques for making your web conferencing exceed your company's goals.

Weekly Webinars - On-Time Training for Your On-Time Needs

Mary Gwyn and Kelly Cox are masters of web training ? they even teach others how to design and implement web training! With their expertise, skills and well-designed content, you can offer your team members a series of custom interactive Weekly Webinars, giving you the benefit of an "in-house" training team. Contact Mary or Kelly to design a Webinar Series for your team!

Consulting & Training Assignments

In addition to these course offerings, Mary and Kelly work with companies to improve occupancy, develop management teams and leasing teams, enhance revenue streams, position and brand properties, develop marketing and lease-up strategies, and a myriad of other strategic directions. Let us know how we can help your company achieve its goals!

Our website is designed to help you learn more about our team and the sevices that we offer. We provide you with detailed information on multifamily management as well as our strategic marketing solutions and consulting services. Don't miss our special Tools and Tips section filled with ideas on how to build value and optimize performance.

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